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 Syoknyer men powil nih...hihihiiii....
  Mcm2 kerenah (Man n Machine)

 Competition (Dalam Pertandingan)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The RFC Pathfinders

Recce Rainforest Challenge 08
      The history of the scouts has come a long way since the Rainforest Challenge was launched back in 1997.
Their evolution and transformation goes hand in hand with the history of the RFC.
      Many different groups of scouts have played their respective roles in the past ten year, all with their own style of getting thing done. Some with greater dedication than others but collectively, they have served the interest of the event.
      After the first decade of RFC, a new breed of pathfinders has emerged. As a group, they are not totally new to the event as some have been with us since 2001. However, they willtake on the leading role instead of being followers in previous year. New members have also joined to make up the present team scouts.
      All who have played a role as scouts ain the RFC past and present are that special breed of off-roaders who call the jungle, their "second home".

Founder of Rainforest Challenge
            Luis J.A Wee
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